So… recently I posted that I had, for the first time ever, actually watermarked something for publication on the web.  Oddly, I finally had something taken by someone… my website.  No, not the whole thing, just the mechanics of it.  This guy decided that he liked the design so much that he wanted it for himself.

The interesting part is that he did a piss poor job of saving all the pages, and then reassembling them on his own, that he left in a metric shitload of referring links in the source, so I saw my unique user count go up just a little, with page views rocketing –it was him continually loading the page trying to get it to work. interestingly all the traffic was pointed to odd locations, spiking my 404 meter.

Well, it just so happens that the guy stealing my site… put his personal information linked on his site as the first thing.  Seriously.  The first thing he did was put up a link to his LinkedIn profile.   The fucker misspelled COLLEGE in his professional networking profile.

So what to do? A DMCA complaint? Nah. Threats? Boring. Direct poisoning a business endeavor? Sure. I tracked down all the 404 links and made pages of my own. I think anyone browsing his site will come across these sooner or later.

The best part? I know his 3dsMax instructor. He’s a friend. I wonder if he’s also his html instructor this term…

An update: So… not long after I posted the above entry, as in later that night, I get word that his site had been completely taken down. Quite a bit quicker of a response than I expected.

The next day I get an email from him directly apologizing. We exchange (polite) words, and all is fine.