… Posted any work :/

I have been crazy busy with all sorts of weird projects, mostly centered around developing for gaming platforms and e-commerce.  I finally got to do something non-mechanical though –I’ve been working on a brand/site for a small company out of Bulgaria, who has a pretty cool product and is really a platform that most any gaming establishment would use.

Normally when i do sites these days I start with a CSS grid system at least, if not a most complete template and then edit to suit my needs. This time I wasn’t really finding anything that quite fit the bill, so I decided that i should roll by own from scratch.  I wanted a more narrow page layout, but it had to be fully responsive for phone and tablet use.

Why not go old school static-style, with some php includes to keep the segments clean?

So far I’m at ~ 1000 lines of code of the html and CSS, and it loads quite quickly from a simple shared server environment (there’s a total of 9 static  images for the default content, including the rotator).  Now, I do love me some WordPress action, but it’s nice to do it yourself every once in a while as well.

I’m still just fleshing out the framework, and the hard part is yet to come … the content.

PGD-MCMS-PhonePGD-MCMS-tablet PGD-MCMS-screen