QBMS to Foxycart

**Note as of October 22 2013:  I realize that the Quickbooks site has changed a bit since i wrote this up a few years ago, but the ideas are still valid.  Unfortunately.  The saddest part is that no, I won’t be updating this page as I really just have zero tolerance for Intuit’s asshattery –I have just had more than a few occasions to want to strangle their ‘support’ staff.

This is written from the perspective of someone who already uses Intuit Merchant Services, and wants to add the ability to process ecommerce transactions.

To get Foxycart operational with Intuit Merchant Services you need 2 things: An application login and a connection ticket.

  • Call support and have the account authorized to receive e-commerce transactions. this is going to require the master account holder to be on the phone. Alternatively, you can also add the ability directly in QuickBooks. Support will walk you through the process if the Account Holder is not present (you must be at a working installation of the software.);
  • Go here: http://tinyurl.com/444sx9t and register with IDN using a different email address than the primary account holder. Since I already had a Quickbooks Merchant Services account, I selected the associated checkbox.
  • Complete the application with relevant information
  • Once registration is complete, you need to create an application. An application here is not a piece of software per se, it’s a set of instructions that you are defining as how incoming traffic to the intuit services should be handled. Using the instructions here: http://tinyurl.com/3k27omx you will use the utility on this page: http://tinyurl.com/3sp37vd.

Adding the application:

  • Domain name – Use yours (****.com)
  • App Name – I used ‘checkout1’
  • Application Description – what a user would see (“My Company Checkout”, or some such)
  • Tech Contact Email – The person best able to answer a question about the account, and an account you can check immediately upon finishing this section.
  • Target Application – select ‘QBMS’
  • Environment – Select ‘Production’
  • Application Type – Select ‘Desktop’ (Yes, I know this is not for your desktop. The hosted/web app option is intended for PHP integration)
  • Once you have submitted the application you have to fill out an application. To use your application. I kid you not. This is a fairly automatic submission, and the ‘approval’ usually arrives about 20 seconds later.
  • Once you have received the approval email, you need to authorize your account to use this application. Go here: http://tinyurl.com/4xhgskp and follow line 1 very carefully.
  • Use the second format of URL, as you already specified that this is for a production environment. This URL is assigning the Application ID (which is contained in the approval email) to your master Quickbook Merchant Services account.
  • Use the master account holder credentials to log in, and generate the Connection Ticket. Click the button (yes, THE button) and you should have an unintelligible string of characters in a field.

You now have what you need to hook your QuickBooks Merchant Account to Foxycart. Now…

  • Log in to your Foxycart account.
  • Under ‘Store’ select ‘Payment’.
  • Select Live Servers
  • Ensure that “Let customers pay with a Credit or Debit Card” is checked.
  • Use the drop-down menu and select ‘Intuit Quickbooks Merchant Service’.
  • Enter your application ID –it will be formatted something like “*****.yourcompany.com”
  • Enter your unintelligible Connection Ticket code.
  • Click “Update Payment Gateway”

Boo-Yaa. You are Live.


Do a test. Make a $1.00 item (no taxes, no shipping), add it to your cart and do a live checkout to verify that everything works.

Intuit support will not help you. Period. Don’t even try. They have no training at all except to send you a link if requested to the IDN.